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5 Things to consider while choosing a payment platform

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The all-in-one guide to collecting payments with CardUp

喜歡用英語閱讀?請點擊上方的語言切換功能來更改您的語言。 Delayed payments are a big pain for businesses. This issue plagues 48% of all SMEs in Hong Kong and is a big worry for many companies. When left..

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Here's why you need to digitise your business now

The companies that digitised their business processes have witnessed fundamental improvements in how they operate and deliver value to their customers. Take for instance, digital..

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An A-to-Z checklist for F&B working capital management

Many businesses fail because of cash flow issues, and this is something that affects F&B establishments all too often. By staying on top of your finances – both on the payables..

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5 benefits of using CardUp for your business

As a business owner, there are many verticals in the company that require your attention: operational efficiency, business growth, digital productivity – and ultimately, overall..

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Using credit cards for your company's payroll

喜歡用英語閱讀?請點擊上方的語言切換功能來更改您的語言。 For any business, payroll makes up a sizeable portion of monthly overheads, ranging anywhere from 20% to 30% of a business’ expenses. Yet, when a..

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