Two of the most frequently-asked questions we receive are “What can I pay with CardUp?” and “Who can I pay with CardUp?”. Here are our answers in short:

CardUp supports the following payments:

  1. Rental payments (to a landlord)

  2. Tuition/School fees (to Hong Kong based schools or education centres)

  3. Insurance Premiums

  4. Miscellaneous Payments

  5. Payroll (applicable to CardUp for Business)

  6. Supplier Invoice (applicable to CardUp for Business)

  7. Education

  8. Car Loans

  9. Helper's Salary

  10. Season Parking

  11. Electricity


Why should I use CardUp?

Earn extra credit card rewards on existing payments

By shifting your expenses to your existing credit cards, you would be able to earn miles, points and cash-back from payments that you are already making, even if your recipients do not accept cards! For some credit cards, your rewards are dictated by your spend amount – the more you spend, the higher your reward tier.

Attain higher credit card tier quicker

CardUp provides the possibility of shifting these payments to your credit card, allowing you to reach a higher tier without making additional purchases. With CardUp, you may even maximise your rewards earned by paying with different cards to minimise rewards lost due to exceeding the cap limit.

Digital payment is the way to go

What’s more, CardUp is entirely online — allowing you to schedule payments to your recipients online, any time, any day as long as you have the supporting documents on hand.

Multiple payment types available

Besides our listed payment types, our users are always enquiring about other payment types to ensure they are accumulating miles, points and cashback on all of their expenses. If you would like to suggest a new payment type, do email us with supporting documents such as an invoice or a receipt and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

All major cards are accepted on CardUp

Be it Visa, Mastercard or UnionPay cards, you’ll be pleased to know that all major cards are accepted on CardUp’s platform. This means you can schedule your various payments on all your favourite cards, allowing you to maximise your rewards earned!


If you are unsure which category your payment type falls under, feel free to contact us here or email us at and we will be glad to advise!


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