Free up more cash on hand, just like that

Fully utilise your credit card lines and free up cash. Optimise your working capital by shifting payments onto your cards.

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Thousands of businesses are already using CardUp to optimise cash flow

"With CardUp, I’m able to minimise cash flow gaps and keep my business running without disruption."

Dr Chong, Managing Director, Aviation Virtual

Dr Chong
Managing Director | Aviation Virtual

"CardUp's unique platform helps optimise cash flow, especially in a small team to keep operations going smoothly."

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Jeremy Tan
Team Lead | Paula's Choice

"I'm now able to optimise working capital for my business at a flexible and affordable rate. It also helps us process our payments timely."

Nina Alag Sure, CEO of X0PA AI

Nina Alag Sure

"A clear value-add is the ability to access interest-free credit - this has been pivotal in helping drive healthy working capital ratios."

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Jerrold Quek
Chief Operating Officer | Far Ocean Group

"CardUp allows me to have more flexible cash flow to run my business. The processing fee is also cheaper than private loans."

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Director | 泰源米城 - Ricemart

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How does using your card free up cash on hand?

Receive invoice

Sam receives an invoice from his supplier with a 30-day payment term

Pay recipient

He charges the invoice amount to his credit card via CardUp, and his supplier receives the payment on time via a bank transfer

Delayed payment

His credit card statement arrives at the start of the next month, and is only due 30 days later. Sam pays off his statement when it is due, extending his invoice payment terms by up to 2 months, interest-free!

See your cost of financing when you use CardUp

CardUp provides the fastest and most convenient financing solution to free up cash at a low cost. See how we compare against other popular financing options such as loans, overdrafts and more.

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CardUp supports cards from all major banks and issuers

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Have questions about freeing up cash flow CardUp?

How does using my credit card free up my cash flow for 2 months?

What business payments can I make with CardUp?

What fees do CardUp charge?

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Optimise your working capital today

Join the thousands of business who are fully utilising their credit card lines with CardUp

More than just about freeing up cash

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Earn rewards on your spend

Earn miles, points and cashback by shifting these payments you're already making today from cash to card.

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Digitise and automate

Cut down on thousands of dollars each month, and solve for the many inefficiencies of traditional payment processes.